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cantdrawcanswim's Journal

10 March 1981
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can you draw?


can you swim?


a lesson is learned, action comics, action!, aids shark, andrew loomis, bears, being fancy webcomic artist, berserk, bhonsnard, big dudes with muscles, binsybaby, bob dylan's demise, boba fett, bodily fluid gifs, boy and monster, breaking necks, burrito chunks, calvin and hobbes, captain whothefuckcares, catboots, censorship bars, clayne, collaborations, contra cats, death picnics, dickwashin in the sink, dip, draw duels, draw time, druggy the rat, effing around, elfin time, explodology, eyepatches, facepunching, fat guys, fff, fish tank, flying to the sun, fractopher, fractopher and bhonsnard, fractopherbhonsnard, friday the 13th, gimp, girl time, girls doin' girl things, goatse, guts, harveyjamestm, he means his penis, high fives, i hate boba fett, i hate weird haircuts, ick, idoodle, ihop, john drives a tank, jump kicks, kate beaton, kickass montage music, koffing, lol_comics, low blood sugar, lunchtime doodles, makeouts, manhattan's last hope, monster girlfriends, monsters, movieworld, mr. pistol, mspaint, muscle guys, naked dogmen, nature, necksnapper, nedroid, nightmares, nightstain, nutty logs, orcs, paris hilton, peeking, penises, people who explode, perry bible fellowship, photorealistic self-portraits, pirate and ninja makeouts, poop on toilet seats, poopin, power levels!!!, rpg games, scars, shooting face, snack attacks, snake eyes's lips, space shit, spacebear, spacemen, stick figures, stupidcat, super action now!, swimming with dolphins, tanks, terminator, terrorpoop, thanks bro, the adventures of fatgirl, the far side, tom the dancing bug, tony_dot_bpm, udo kier, ultimate pee skills, vikings, vomit, what orcs are about, winston, winston and dip